Three Most Common Website Maintenance Services Issues

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By regularly keeping your website updated for issues and mistakes, your business could save a lot of money in the long run. Website maintenance service involves regular checkups on your website on a consistent basis to keep it secure, performing great and helping your business continue growth online through increased traffic and improved SEO and search rankings. In this article we will touch on three website maintenance issues we come across most often.


So what happens when you don’t update your website?


Website maintenance services are critical for maintaining an awesome user experience. By neglecting website maintenance, your business runs the risk of developing a slow, unsecure, and outdated website. Additionally, you might see a loss in traffic due to a decrease in search rankings, especially if competitors are keeping up with the latest SEO keywords and search phrases.


The three most common website maintenance issues we come across are:


Outdated Software, a lack of security updates and poor performance- If your website runs on an outdated version of your CMS platform, you are likely to come across some issues at some point. Outdated software can lead to crashes, bugs, and likely will be incompatible with any new features or plugins that could greatly improve your user experience. If you forget to update your website’s security regularly, you could risk theft or loss of critical data necessary to your business. Poor website performance is also a result of a lack of website maintenance, which can impact user experience as well as affect how your site will be ranked on search engines.


Having different website hosting and maintenance providers- While some businesses opt for cheap hosting to save costs, this could actually lead to some issues in the long run. The best choice for services would actually be a website maintenance company that offers managed hosting services. Cheap hosting providers use shared servers, which might slow down your website and not provide an adequate amount of data storage. Instead, choose a company that offers managed hosting and website maintenance to cover all your bases. Managed hosting provides the server for your website and ensures routine backups are run and monitored 24/7 to prevent any security issues from occurring. Website maintenance will cover any of your updates or changes to the design of your website to improve its functionality and stay relevant for your audience.


A lack of understanding of the difference between website support and website maintenance- It is important to understand that there is a difference between website support and website maintenance. Website support involves fixing issues that have already occurred such as broken links, debugging, or software updates, while website maintenance involves updates made proactively to improve the design, functionality, or user experience of a website. By including website maintenance as part of your regular updates, your website will likely experience positive changes in online growth and the way your audience engages with your website.

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