God Got Here Before Theology

God is first a subject of philosophy. Later, he’s a subject of theology. Philosophy is the love of wisdom … more precisely, the study of first things: who we are, where we came from, where we’re going. God is part of that study, the only logical answer, mind-boggling as it may be, to “where we came from”. Theology is the study of God’s revelation of himself to humankind: like talking from the clouds, and inspiring prophets, and Jesus.

I think it’s important to distinguish between philosophy and theology now that most media are totally clueless about the distinction. They wrap them both up in one messy package, as if you had to believe in the resurrection of Jesus in order to believe in God. Ah … you don’t “believe in” God in the same way some of us have gone on to believe in the resurrection from the dead … first you know God through plain old reason–he has to exist, and since he exists he has to be all-good, and since he’s all-good, he has to somehow reward good and punish evil. That’s philosophy. You may go on to be helped by faith to know the things he’s said and done that can’t be deduced from reason’s findings of “first things”, but they’re not unreasonable. That’s theology.

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