Intro to Guam

    Seal of Guam

Guam, a small rocky island in the middle of the pacific. The island’s slogan is, “Where America’s Day Begins”.  Did you know that little island is part of the United States? Did you ever wonder what it is like to live there? This academic blog dives into the diverse culture, local offerings, the struggles, and the unique interworkings of its socio-economic culture of the little island in the middle of the pacific. This academic blog aims to provide future researchers valuable information, and an insider perspective on the history, socioeconomic factors, and local culture of the mysterious society called Guam.

This research blog is separated into 9 chapters and covers a wide variety of topics from Guam’s history to what I think the future holds for Guam. Content is further substantiated by my personal experiences and insider experiences of the unique socio-economic culture of its local population.

This research blog is open to the general public, and the Harvard University community. All information within this blog will be published into the Harvard University Dataverse database, and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton Database once completed. Please contact me at if you wish to provide additional data to my research. (Please submit articles in Harvard Citation Format)

Research Blog Under Construction. – Contact Researcher Jeffrey Ulatan

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