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Guowcast 12.22.18 con Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga


Host Guillermo Hamlin closes off 2018 by interviewing Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga, a PhD student in the Design and Computation Group @ MIT. They discuss urban computing, noise pollution, “participatory models”, and social media apps that inform urban data.

Guowcast 12.8.18 ft Councilor Ryan O’Malley


In his final Pachanga session, Host Guillermo Hamlin talks to Malden’s Ward 4 City Councilor, Ryan O’Malley. They discuss greener urban space, ranked choice voting, urban exploration, the history of Malden, and the state of civil liberties.

Guowcast 12.1.18 con Jorge Campos


Host Guillermo Hamlin interviews the second in his Thanksgiving Pachanga series with Jorge Campos. They delve into surviving poverty through creative finances, financial literacy, and dealing with the wealth of privilege at Harvard University.

Guowcast 11.24.18 con Carlos Castellon y Stephanie Suarez


Host Guillermo Hamlin interviews the first in his Thanksgiving Pachanga series with Carlos Castellon & Stephanie Suarez. They delve into educational access as Latino students & entering the Harvard Graduate School of Education as M.Ed candidates. Guillermo also thanks stations that play the Guowcast, as well as others.




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Post Haunted Studio Relaxation Post.


Here’s an update on my Patreon’s regarding my day job’s Haunted Studio.

10 episodes in; Guowcast will be airing on Activate Radio.


Hello blog fam, we’re 10 episodes in and we’re hoping to keep our experiment going. We’re expanding and asking for more support. Stay tuned for potential live sets.

We’re going to be airing our episodes on Activate Radio Fridays at 8pm.

Guowcast 10.20.18 ft. Sam Tracy


Host Guillermo Hamlin interviews Sam Tracy: Portland, ME Democratic Chair & cannabis business consultant. They discuss the intersection of gun & cannabis laws in Maine, civil liberties under Obama & Trump, & whether drug legalization should be treated as a public health necessity.

Guowcast 9.8.18 ft. Jerome B


Host Guillermo Hamlin interviews Jerome B: a Somerville rapper. They discuss social media, the passing of Mac Miller, Travis Scott, Eminem vs. MGK, and more.

Let’s keep the Guowcast going!


We’ve been hitting our benchmarks with regular episodes and a wide range of guests. However, we are in need of upping our benchmarks for our Patreon page. Please contribute to the program and even become a monthly patron. You’ll get even more content as well as a behind the scenes look of making each episodes.


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