Jonathan Zittrain’s H2O-made Torts Casebook

Having built his Torts Playlist on H2O, Prof. Jonathan Zittrain was interested in converting that work into a physical casebook. Utilizing H2O’s new export feature and with the assistance of Jordi Weinstock and Samantha Bates, edited cases and commentary were pulled out of H2O and, after some additional formatting work, a casebook was created & printed for Prof. Zittrain’s 1L course at Harvard Law School.

“Torts!” was printed by a local on-demand service and is a hit with Professor Zittrain’s 1L students. This is an exciting project to see come to fruition, as the casebook was created for free in H2O, and being able to create print-on-demand books one of the goals of H2O’s continually-improving export feature.


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