Canvas and H2O: a match-made in (online learning) heaven

Learning management system Canvas has been adopted by several of the schools at Harvard University, Harvard Law School included. Canvas makes classroom management tasks, such as messaging students, simple, and it also makes a great fit with H2O.


H2O’s playlist system for organizing materials makes sequencing content a breeze, while the annotator  allows text and cases to be easily edited and marked up by instructors. Linking to H2O from Canvas is effortless – the link could be put on the front page of the Canvas site, placed in the Announcements are or even in a Canvas module.

An additional benefit of using H2O to organize materials is that H2O is an open, publicly-accessible platform. No need for students to log in to view it, and no worries about the materials disappearing after the course is completed – the same playlist can continue to be used, or it can be cloned and modified for the next semester.

Create your own H2O account today and get started!

Logo used with permission from Instructure.

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