What is Synthetic Urine and Where You Can Use It?

“Synthetic Urine” is not just a weirdly common set of words used in popular culture; it actually has a very useful meaning behind it. It can sound off-beat, but it comes as a surprise to people that this “fake urine” solves many problems for people who do not deserve to be scrutinized for any legal lifestyle habits—all discussed below in detail.

If you want to know some amazing facts about synthetic urine and what you can do with it, keep on reading.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic means artificial, so synthetic urine usually means artificial urine. That kind of urine is created in labs and distributed legally in the market—from where the people in need buy it. If you are wondering, how can something like that be invented artificially? Well, it is an interesting story to know.

The tale started in 1828 when chemist Friedrich Wohler invented the first-ever sample of synthetic (artificial) urea—a compound found in the urine. Believe it or not, he was actually attempting to synthesize ammonium cyanate but accidentally discovered synthetic urine—something he was not intending to find.

However, his little “accident” did not go unnoticed; it became one of the founding discoveries to disprove vitalism—a theory of that time stating that organic compounds cannot be invented in labs; they are isolated in natural forms. According to that theory, vitalists believed that the only thing that could produce urea is a kidney. However, Wohler’s invention of artificial, lab-created urine was the event that contradicted the former theory.

That was history. Now, fast-forwarding to 21st century, words “synthetic urine” has become too common that they don’t sound like groundbreaking chemical invention, they are more like gags.

Where Can Synthetic Urine Be Used?

It is true that everyone has a different perception of solutions to problems. Synthetic Urine is used mostly in the testing of diapers and pads—if they could hold and absorb water or not. They are used in recorded and live commercials to advertise the quality of diapers—in events like this; synthetic urine gets sold commercially.

However, there are other ways usual people use it. Fake urine is effective whenever you have to go on drug-testing. Some people get their creative juices flowing in the office by smoking pot. However, they also have to regularly deliver the sample of their urine to the office’s HR department to provide proof that they don’t take drugs.

If you ask an average person, they would say it’s unfair because smoking marijuana is legal in their state (only where it is), and their workplace should accept that fact. To get rid of the whole situation, people buy synthetic urine legally.

It is a clean idea, to be frank; however, a survey through some offices resulted in a report that some modern high-tech, automated machinery for drug testing is now available at different HR departments to detect fake urines and put the employee in more jeopardy.

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine?

Whatever be your reason may—we are no judge—you can easily buy a package of synthetic urine from online sellers/stores and get them delivered right at your doorstep. One of the popular and reputable brands for that is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

Quick Fix Urine has its fair share of competitors, but it stays on top of the market. A comprehensive survey showed that a lot of people use Quick Fix Urine to get through their daily testing problems.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is made in high-end labs with a mix of water, urea, pH balance, creatinine, urea and uric acid. Synthetic urine can definitely have the same density as organic urine—lab tests make sure that it does have the same density, so it can slide undetected. And it is important for synthetic urine companies to do that because labs, where urine is tested, use modern techniques to detect any fallacy.

Urinalysis clinics—labs where urine is tested—use methods to test each sample of urine and make sure They use a strategy called “gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.” With this method, they separate each compound in the urine and identify them one by one. Then, they determine the compounds’ purity. The “mass spectrometry” part of the method is used to weigh the mass of the urine and make sure that it is pure.

Together, all the steps in the method help identify the purity of different compounds in the mixture (urine). It was reported that most companies go as high as using five-panel drug testing, in which they look for traces of five drugs, which are THC (a substance behind the euphoric effects of cannabis), opioids, PCP, amphetamines, and cocaine.

Although modern companies, like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, use top-notch methods to create synthetic urine which is extremely identical to organic urine—counting on color, odor, and temperature—still, drug-testing companies look for everything, even odor, color, temperature, etc., to make sure all human like characteristics are present.

So, when you buy synthetic urine to pass your lab test, not only will you have to find some way to smuggle it into the bathroom, but you will have to make sure that it is kept at the right temperature.

For that matter, Quick Fix Urine provides a heating pad. Once you open your fake urine package, apply the heating source to the bottle to maintain the proper temperature. This ensures it stays within the acceptable range required by the lab.

Privacy matters, with discreet packaging and billing, you do not have to worry about anyone finding out what you have ordered. It comes in a complete kit with a simple set of instructions for use.

Quick Fix Synthetic urine only comes in liquid form, the kits are readily available in a bottle or belt form with different quantities depending on your need.

Whether you need to organize an event, pass a urine test, prevent yourself from getting caught because of toxins in your urine sample, or simply prank someone for fun, you can order fake urine from Quick Fix and get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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