Petey Vid – Video Search Engine Tool that Focuses on Privacy

We live in an era that is flooded with information from a wide array of sources thereby making it even more necessary to find a reliable resource to synthesize, forage and understand information. Here comes in the role of digital archivists, librarians and historians. Digging up historical information, analyzing and using them are their key tasks. While there are many who deny the necessity of librarians in this age of internet, this is not the case. The internet is a rather effective tool to utilize if you’re an archivist or a librarian. 

As long as video search engine tools are concerned, Petey Vid is a multi-lingual, privacy-focused and unbiased video search engine. Considering the intense research done by the educators, Erie Data Systems launched this alternative research tool. 

Description of the features of Petey Vid

  • Searches videos through a wide array of video and social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and the internet archives
  • Provides filter options based on the length of videos
  • Doesn’t track your IP address or search engine history
  • Lets you find trending hashtags to get the most popular videos
  • Probably the only search engine that derives its name from the creator’s cat

Petey Vid – How is it different from other video search engines?

That which makes Petey Vid stand out of the crowd among the other video search engines is that it offers a lifetime experience which is not only privacy-sensitive but also extensive. Considering the numerous video search engines that crowd the internet, they only show YouTube results. Unlike them, Petey Vid isn’t restrained to just showing you YouTube search results. With the numerous non-YouTube links that you get from Petey Vid, you automatically get a wide range of alternative options. 

The main idea behind Petey Vid

The key idea behind founding Petey Vid was to honor the privacy of the users and hence this search engine doesn’t share user details let alone saving them. Searching for videos through Petey Vis is safe as the IP address is not tracked thereby making the experience of the users expansive, unique, and diverse yet personal. 

One more interesting feature of Petey Vid is that it has got different pages for the trending hashtags making it easier for the users to find the trending topics and news. This video search engine platform classifies each and every trending hashtag on a regular basis

How Petey Vid earned its name

Stadler, the founder of this privacy-focussed video search engine Petey Vid was asked about how it got its name. He stated that cats are undoubtedly loved on the internet as they’re playful, brainy and curious. Hence, naming this search engine after its cat seemed appropriate for him. According to him, the name was not too technical and yet had a positive opportunity for branding. 

Blast from the past!

Long before YouTube, there was a race in the internet to see who could dominate the field of streaming media. Few noteworthy players included RealNetworks, Apple, VivoActive, Microsoft Media, Xing and VDOnet. With the entry of Brewster Kahle begun the trend of internet archive, in the year 1996, with the sole purpose of saving internet data on disk for reference. 

Stadler put in the effort to offer a diverse video search experience and dug into the idea of letting users locate the ‘legacy’ media files from the archive and play them through Petey Vid. In fact, the entire team of Petey Vid is happy to announce that they’ve started including these files along with the metadata into the video search engine tool to locate videos and play them via VLC.

To conclude, Petey Vid has other noteworthy features like filtering options, switchable list/grid view and it also gives the user options to sort through searches. Hence, for the users who want an expansive and diverse platform with unique features, Petey Vid is definitely the answer. 

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