The Wellhöner Group revolutionizing the industry of homeownership

Interviewer: Hi, Mr. Wellhöner, it’s an honor to speak with you on the topic of homeownership and how you continue to offer services in many of the departments within property management, from purchasing to housecleaning, am I right? 

Marcus Wellhöner: Yes, very well done. We do offer property management, house maintenance, green keeping, housecleaning, and operate as a real estate agency. 

Interviewer: Could you kindly elaborate on how you got started in the industry and how you have expanded your services to include such a complete set of services? 

Marcus Wellhöner: The story starts from high school. I have always known I wanted to help the community, give back somehow. I learned and apprenticed at whatever training programs I could sign up for, took every opportunity that presented itself for me to learn more about management. I wanted to make sure I was equipped with the necessary skills that I will need in order to succeed. 

Interviewer: And when did you start your business, the Wellhöner Group?

Marcus Wellhöner: In 2017, the Wellhöner Group was born. Under it, we have Wellhöner Immobilien, Wellhöner Consulting and Wellhöner Facility Services. We offer property management and real estate brokerage services under Wellhöner Immobilien, and Wellhöner Consulting is more about real estate consulting and interim management services. When it comes to house cleaning, gardening, or any type of property maintenance, you want to go to Wellhöner Facility Services.

Interviewer: For such a young company, there is so much going on that points to your successes. Repeat clients, and those that make it a point to regale how efficient Wellhöner  group was in offering them efficient solutions, I believe this shows just how passionate you are, not just to do a job, but to do a job right. Would you mind telling us what spurred this passion?

Marcus : I learned early on that navigating life can be difficult, but yet we are all expected to hold down a job, and be experts in fields that require our attention. Insurance, real estate, banking, accounting, paying taxes, vehicle ownership. We were never taught how to deal with these things in school, and if you learned a little something about financing or became familiar with some workings of society, it’s all based on pure luck. Not everyone is given the same opportunities, and even less so, when you lack the contacts. By creating the Wellhöner, we wanted to ensure that anyone who walked into our office can feel relief that they don’t have to read up on several documents to try and make sense of how everything works or do their own research which can take months – and we all know how time is of the essence. You can’t expect to learn everything that it took us years to know and learn, furthermore, there are some things that you cannot learn by reading. I believe there is a quote that goes, ‘life is too short to learn German’, well we speak the language fluently, and we can easily fix all real estate related troubles – pun intended! I know it can be overwhelming, and the Wellhöner Group is here to help. By creating an umbrella company, we are able to set up multiple independent limited partnerships which allow us to become an all-encompassing entity that provides for the people.

Interviewer: And that included everything from how to buy a house, to lawn-mowing? 

Marcus Wellhöner: [Laughs] That’s right. Look, if you are a new homeowner with no experience at maintaining your real estate, if you lost your house keys, who would you call? If you need a cleaning agency, how do you know which is the best? Why not leave it to experts who know all the ins and outs of the industry, an established brand that has made its name in Germany? A true immobilienmakler mülheim an der Ruhr

Interviewer: Yes, I can see that you have made quite a name for yourself in your home country as a real estate agency. What are your plans for the future?

Marcus Wellhöner: Ah, the future. Technology is everywhere now, no? Even as we speak, it is your phone that is acting as a recorder, instead of the old tape and cassette recorder. No, technology is changing the world and we need to change with it. In fact, the world has already been changed by it. Everything, online. We have multiple websites, because to not have a website is almost the same as not having a face. People cannot trust you if they cannot see your face. I mean that in the most figurative sense. 

Interviewer: I also hear that you are a big and generous donator. What are the causes you support, and why?

Marcus Wellhöner: It depends, we are more interested in the most basic care groups, such as animal welfare associations and climate action organizations. We also donate to welfare groups, whether to combat poverty and homelessness or to build better orphanages and offer better child support groups. The world needs to be healed, and it’s up to us to do it. I believe the world can be a better place. 

Interviewer: That is a lovely sentiment, thank you so much for your time, Mr. Wellhöner, for speaking with me and telling us more about your company. 

Marcus Wellhöner: You’re most welcome, and don’t forget, if you’re ever on the market for a new home, you can call me any time.

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