Fox Undergraduates Reverse Support for Co-Ed Membership in Non-Binding Vote

In a reversal of longstanding support for co-ed membership, undergraduate members of the Fox Club voted against allowing women to be elected into the final club this fall in a non-binding vote, according to internal emails obtained by The Crimson.

The May 1 vote marks a stark about-face for the club’s undergraduate membership, who unilaterally added nine women to the club in October 2015. That move drew the ire of some graduate members, plunging the Fox into an almost year-long internal dispute. In an August 2016 internal survey, 83 percent of polled undergraduate members said they supported opening the club to women.

Fox graduate board president Hugh M. Nesbit ’77, undergraduate president Alexander M. Fisher ’18, and more than two dozen members of the Fox did not respond to or declined requests for comment on the vote.

This spring’s undergraduate vote comes just months before a College policy slated to penalize membership in single-gender social organizations will go into effect.

Before the announcement of the College’s social group penalties, more than 80 percent of the club’s undergraduate membership voted in favor of going co-ed, according to a letter sent by the undergraduate leaders of the club to graduate members in October 2015.

The letter also stated that, although pressure to go gender neutral from Harvard had “forced [their] hand,” Fox undergraduates had wanted to add women to the club for some time.

The move pitted the club’s undergraduates against their alumni, however, as the graduate board—just weeks after the undergraduates’ decision—briefly shuttered the organization’s clubhouse on JFK Street and assigned new members a provisional status amidst concerns about the decision.

In August 2016, a motion to open the club to women narrowly failed to reach the two-thirds majority among graduate members it needed to pass, effectively reversing the undergraduates’ decision—though the elected women are set to retain provisional status until later this year. This year, the Fox’s newly-elected class was all-male.

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Overview of Sapa

As a highland town, Sapa not only is a famous resort of Sapa district, Lao Cai but also owns a host of miracles of nature.

Sapa is located in the northwest of Vietnam, at an altitude of 1600 meters, 38 kilometers from Lao Cai city center and 376 kilometers from Hanoi. As a highland town, Sapa not only is a famous resort of Sapa district, Lao Cai but also owns a host of miracles of nature. The mountainous terrain, luxuriant forests and unique local cultures are all the features that create a harmonious, charming and poetic landscape picture of this Northwestern region.

Sapa terraces

The best time to travel in Sapa

From April to August annually is the peak tourist season of Sapa. During this period, with the mild climate, Sapa, Lao Cai becomes an ideal place for family vacations. If visiting Sapa at this time, you will get the opportunity to admire a stunning Sapa covered with brilliantly-coloured flowers and green fields.
Late August and early September are when terraced fields are lush with ripening rice. This is also the time when a considerable number of tourists go to visit Sapa. It brings the great experience to watch Sapa in a new dress with the yellow color across the hills. You are advised to go to Sapa in the middle or end of September instead of October because many places already finish the harvest in early October.
Between November and March, the weather gets very cold, especially in the northeast when the night falls. Nevertheless, you can admire the sunrise on the high valley in early morning. In recent years, there have been snowfalls in Sapa. If wanting to see this romantic scenery, you should choose this time to join Sapa tour.

Must-see destinations



Fansipan peak

Fansipan is 9 kilometers from the Sapa town center to the southwest. To move here, you can catch a taxi to Tram Ton, then go on foot and begin the journey to conquer Fansipan. Note that if you intend to spend only one or two nights in Sapa, Fansipan is not really a good suggestion. To discover Fansipan, you need at least three days.
Sapa Sky Gate and O Quy Ho pass
O Quy Ho is 18 kilometers from the town center to the north. The road to O Quy Ho pass is quite tortuous and narrow; therefore, a motorcycle is considered to be the most feasible transportation.
Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa valley is situated in Hau Thao commune and 8 kilometers from the Sapa town center to the southeast. From Sapa town, you have to go through a high mountain pass to reach the Muong Hoa valley. The highlights of the trip are the ancient alien rock and picturesque terraced fields. Besides, you should not miss Lao Chai and Ta Van.
Thac Bac (Silver Falls)
To come to Thac Bac from Sapa town, you move a distance of 12 kilometers towards Lai Chau province.
Hang Tien (Fairy cave)
To get Hang Tien – the terrestrial Halong Bay, it is suggested to take a boat from Bao Nhai (Bac Ha district) and go through the Trung Do ancient citadel.
Coc San
Going along the small road of one kilometer on the National Highway 4D, you will witness an unspoiled and mysterious scenery. It is rather difficult to enter Coc San, so you should have a partner or hire a guide to travel with you.
The villages such as Ta Phin, Lao Chai and Ta Van have the flat terrain and a taxi can approach here. Ta Phin is located 17 kilometers far from Sapa town to the east and Lao Chai lies next to Muong Hoa stream.

Things to do in Sapa

With each tourist destination of Sapa, you will be involved in different activities. For example, in Ta Phin village, you can have a bath with the herbal medicine – a service offered by the Red Yao, experience the feeling of adventure in O Quy Ho pass and see the ripening rice in Muong Hoa. Besides, if taking a trip to Ta van village, you will get a chance to do trekking, discover the local cuisine and learn more about the regional culture through market meetings and Sapa love market.

Sapa sunrise

Sapa sunrise

Watch sunrise and sunset in Sapa

Cool breezes in early morning will make you a bit shiver with cold. Some tourists sit beside the window to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a plate of fried egg, and admire the landscape from the hotel. When the nightfall comes and the sun is gradually hidden from view by Hoang Lien Son mountain, Sapa is surrounded by the purple color, which brings the romantic beauty.

Use homestay service

Coming to Sapa with Sapa trekking homestay tours, you should try the homestay service of the locals and eat unique idyllic dishes. Homestay services have been increasingly developing, so you absolutely feel secure about the food hygiene.

Enjoy Sapa cuisine

Grilled dishes
Because of the cold weather in Sapa, there are a lot of grilled dishes such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, barbecued meat, meat wrapped vegetables and bamboo-tube rice. On cold evenings, the area for barbecued dishes attracts the most tourists due to the warm space and delicious dishes that are ideal for the cold weather in this mountain town.

Grilled meat

Grilled meat

Spring fish
There are many types of spring fish. A special point of this food is that it has no fishy taste. The cooking method of spring fish is quite simple. Spring fish is grilled on the charcoal, then served hot. Another way is baking the fish, then frying them until crispy and deep fry them with tomato sauce, curry powder, and black pepper powder.
Thang Co (Wintry)
Ethnic minority people often cook Thang Co with beef, pog and buffalo meat. To have a good Thang Co, we need 27 different spices such as cinnamon, anise, cardamom, and chive. Forest vegetables are also essential ingredients of this dish. This food contains greasy, sweet and fragrant flavors. The combination of all these flavors will make a deep impression on diners. You will have a great feeling when enjoying hot Thang Co and sipping a cup of corn wine in the chilly atmosphere.

Being a fisherman in Vung Vieng village

In Halong Bay, you will not only enjoy the magnificent view of natural beauty, but also you will be able to experience one day being a fisherman here.Tourists have opportunity to explore the daily life of fishermen in Vung Vieng fishing village.

Vung Vieng floating village

Vung Vieng fishing village

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Located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, about 24km from the mainland, Vung Vieng fishing village is situated in a quiet location, with peaceful scenery. In the last few years, when the cruise tourism develops in Ha Long Bay, Vung Vieng floating village is becoming an attractive destination for many tour operators.

Fisherman's boat

Fisherman’s boat

Visit Vung Vieng, tourists can get to a small boat (they can wear life jackets), then they will be taken to the area with the most fish. Besides, tourists can immerse in the unspoiled natural scenery, enjoy and contemplate the value of vivid indigenous culture appeared in daily life of the local people or through the artifacts displayed in the exhibition area of Halong fishing villages co-operative.

Catch fish as local fisherman

Catch fish as local fisherman

Collect net

Collect net, the heavy nets with sparkling little fishes or big fishes 

are great achievements for visitors

With ” being a fisherman for a day tour” tourists can paddle themselves, then cast a fishing net, or fishing like a real fisherman. By noon, they will start to collect the net. The heavy nets with sparkling little fishes or big fishes are great achievements for visitors. With these fishes, the cook will help prepare the dish for the guests. In the evening, visitors can join squid fishing which is very interesting. Moreover, travel to Vung Vieng, tourists can visit the unique natural scenery, white sand beaches with very few footprints; enjoy the pure morning, magic afternoon on the beach…

Visiting Halong is not only an opportunity for you to learn about life of fisherman, but also you will have more respect and love for your own achievement.

The Attractive Destinations In Summer’s Days In Asia

Asia is becoming more popular and attractive to tourists because there are a lot of wonderful destinations and amazing cuisines as well. Furthermore, it is also ideal destinations for summer’s days. Therefore, if you are looking for the wonderful destinations for a family trip in the summer, you should check out Asia. The post will introduce beautiful and amazing countries in Asia for traveling in summer.

1 Thailand

Thailand always stays on the top of the list of destinations should visit in Asia because the country is known as tourism country with open- services and wonderful places for visiting. When visiting the country, tourists always feel like staying their home because of friendly and lovely local people. Furthermore, Thailand is considered as the cheap country for visiting in Asia. Visiting Thailand, tourist can visit famous places such as Golden Buddha Temple, Summer Palace, Nongnooch Cultural Village, Siracha Tiger Zoo, Safari World Zoo and beautiful Pattaya Beach with loads of fun activities. Moreover, if you do not travel on your own, you can easy to book promotion tours in there to know more information and book as well.


2 Singapore

Lion Island is always friendly with green environment, clean and beautiful. When visiting there, tourists will have chance to admire the beauty of nature at Garden By The Bay, Jurong Bird Park, Sea Lion Park and the most spectacular Asian water show on Sentosa Island. Furthermore, if you visit the island country in summer, it is sale time in the country, so you can comfortable for enjoying shopping in there. There are a lot of fashion items, cosmetics, electronics and a wide range of well-known brand name products are up to 70% off. Therefore, the country is suitable for anyone who wants to spend the time to relax or enjoy shopping malls.

3 Malaysia

If you are looking for the wonderful country with unique architectures in summer, Malaysia is the best choice for you. Kuala Lumpur capital is famous for the world’s tallest twin tower of Petronas, combines the splendor of modern architecture with Islamic architecture. Besides that, cuisines in Malaysia are also the most attractive things with tourists when visiting there.


4 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered as the shopping paradise, so there are a lot of tourists choose the destinations for summer’s day trip because of sale products. Furthermore, Hong Kong is a harmonious blend of East-West cultures. Going to Hong Kong, you will be overwhelmed by the skyscrapers, the busy shopping streets around the clock and the fabulous Disneyland. Moreover, Hong Kong cuisine is diverse and rich in both quantity and quality, from the media to the unique and the weird.

5 Korea

If you have time and chance to enjoy a drama of Korea, surely that you will want to visit the country at one time at least in your life because destinations in there are so attractive and beautiful. Therefore, when visiting the place, tourists can not miss wonderful destinations such as the Kyong-bok Royal Palace is hundreds of years old, Everland Park – one of the world’s 10 most exciting recreational areas. In addition, you can not miss beautiful islands in there such as Jeju island which is one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world, the poetic island Nami. Traditional cuisines in the country are also the most attractive things with tourists because of unique and special features.


6 Vietnam

Vietnam is considered as one of “must-see” countries in Asia in summer. Travel Vietnam is always an ideal destination for domestic and international tourists with many beautiful landscapes stretching from north to south including Sapa, Halong, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi an, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc and etc. Travel services are increasingly focused on investment and improvement, contributing to building the image of tourism in Vietnam increasingly beautiful in the eyes of tourists. Furthermore, Vietnam is famous for cheap service and friendly local people, so there are a lot of tourists choosing the country for traveling. In addition, street foods and traditional foods in there are always the impressive things of the lands. You can spend more than a week to travel from the north to the south of the country.

Besides the beautiful countries, Asia has wonderful and amazing countries which will make you fall in love in the first time visiting such as Indonesia, China and so on. However, when you want to visit somewhere, you should spend the time to learn more about necessary things to visit and refer to tour if you want to book tour.