Globalization of the Legal Profession


Globalization of the Legal Profession

Friday, Nov 21, 2008, 7.45am – 4.45pm
Harvard Law School

Pound Hall – Ropes Gray Room (7.45am – 2.15pm)

Austin Hall – East Classroom (2.15pm – 4.45pm)

This one-day conference examines the globalization of the legal profession from multiple perspectives. Does international commerce or finance provide common ground for practitioners, for example, or is there broader commonality among counsel in other fields, such as human rights lawyers? Are common legal practices developing through efforts by certain states to develop the “rule of law” in other countries? What are the proper contours of a genuine debate over matters such as ensuring minimum standards of qualification, guarding domestic province from outside intervention, protecting clients and the public, the role of lawyers as aspect of national identity, and the like? What can we do – as international scholars, educators, and practitioners – to adapt to the rapidly-changing economic, social and political environment and prepare the next generation of lawyers – domestic and international –to meet the challenges that globalization will continue to present?

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