Benefits of Using a Website Builder Instead of a Developer

When it’s time to create a website for a business, owners have the option of working with a website developer or using a website builder to create one on their own. While a website developer may be able to create an amazing website, they are a far more expensive option. A website that’s just as amazing can be created with a website builder, and there are a number of other benefits of choosing this option, as well.

Custom Design for Lower Cost

Website builders do allow business owners to create a website that’s customized to the needs of the business, but the cost is far lower than working with a developer. The upfront cost is only a little bit of money, compared to the hundreds of dollars that may be needed to hire a developer. Ongoing costs are minimal, as well, with a website builder only costing around $10 per month. With a website developer, it’s necessary to pay for hosting, edits, updates, and anything else on an hourly basis.

No Discovery or Waiting for Help

There’s no need to go through a long discovery period where a developer finds out what the business owner wants the website to contain. The business owner simply sits down and uses an easy-to-use program to create the website on their own. There’s also no need to email someone and wait, sometimes weeks, to get the help needed to update the website. A business owner can do the update themselves in minutes.

Easily Make Necessary Changes

With a website developer, business owners need to get in touch with the developer, let them know what changes are needed, then wait for the changes to be made. This can take a week or longer, depending on how busy the developer is at that time. With a website builder, on the other hand, business owners can just log into their website, make the changes, and save them so the changes go live. It can take just a few minutes to make changes and it’s incredibly easy to do.

Update Wherever and Whenever

There’s no need to wait for business hours or the weekend to be over if a change is needed on the website. Instead of waiting for a website developer to be in the office to talk to them, with a website builder, the business owner can update the website whenever they want. If they think of something they want to add while they’re on vacation or during the weekend, they can make the changes immediately from wherever they are at the time.

If you’ve decided to create a website for your business, it’s definitely worth looking into using a website builder. Even if you don’t have any experience creating a website, you’ll find it’s easy to use the website builder to create a custom website for your business that looks amazing and that works properly. Take a look at a website builder now to learn more about the benefits of choosing this option.

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