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In today’s world, it’s starting to become increasingly difficult to safely browse the internet without a VPN service at hand. At the same time, it means that many VPN providers were created over recent years, and it’s equally difficult to find one that suits you the most.

Hidemy.name is one of the many trustworthy services, although it may very well be where your search ends. This provider has many advantages, features, and opportunities that make it overall one of the best VPN services at the moment, and it doesn’t just include VPN.

VPN features

Hidemy.name is primarily a VPN service. It was created specifically to provide a secure, confidential, and unrestricted online experience to all. With their VPN, you can:

  1. Browse the pages anonymously by hiding your computer’s IP from anyone who’ll want to collect data about you
  2. Protect yourself against hackers and data thieves by encrypting your connection

What this service does to your address is put it through one of their servers (you can pick the exact one), encrypt it, and make it unreadable. Moreover, they don’t keep the information that goes through these servers. So, even if someone inquired about you, they wouldn’t be able to find any information.

Basically, with hidemy.name it’s impossible to see any of your personal data, your hardware or software info, or even who or where you are. Switching locations is actually one of their other primary tools.

Changing your location

This provider allows its clients to pick the server of their choice. They have hardware in 47 countries of the world, and you’ll be given access to all of them once you’ve also become a user there.

If you remember, your private data goes through these servers before being encrypted and turned into a mishmash. However, the pages you visit still need to collect information about you. What they’ll see is encrypted data coming from one of the VPN servers you pick. It’s still physically located somewhere, and they’ll think that’s exactly where you are.

You can put this technology to several uses, such as:

  • Seeing the content that is blocked in your own country, but available in others
  • Seeing the content that is only available in certain countries. For instance, some British shows on Netflix are only available in America, weirdly enough
  • Buying products at a smaller price. For instance, many online stores reduce prices for their local customers because otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to sell there.

You’ll still have to connect to a server from your own device(-s). It’s easy enough, but if it’s far away from you, the connection may be harder to maintain. Hidemy.name doesn’t restrict your internet connection, and nor it is a problem usually. However, if your internet is too weak, you may want to use a closer server.

Proxy servers

There is a similar feature available on this service. Proxy servers are a network of hardware scattered all over the world that provides a free connection. Once connected to one of these, you can do whatever you want, but with a new address and some new information. That’s basically a mask for your device.

It works somewhat like VPN servers, but obviously, there are major differences. 

Firstly, there are fewer VPN servers than there are proxies. While there are many of the former on hidemy. name, there are hundreds of the latter. 

Secondly, the VPN servers are infinitely safer, and proxies are most reliable when you want to hide your location or your presence on a website. Proxies make them think that different proxies you used while visiting them are different people that connect from different places.

Thirdly, proxies don’t encrypt your data and it’s easier to hack into a proxy server. Actually, it’s not ‘easier’ because hacking into a reliable VPN connection such as this is impossible. So, that’s not a competition.

Still, there are countless proxy servers available here, and they are all safe. All you need to do is find hardware that’s easy to connect to and not occupied.

Pricing plans

The key upside of the hidemy. name VPN service is that it’s cheap – much cheaper than most similar providers. You can see the exact prices for yourself here: https://hidemy.name/en/

The longer deal you get, the cheaper per month rates become. So, a 1-year deal is actually 63% more beneficial than if you would renew a 1-month subscription 12 times. Naturally, you want to be sure that that’s the deal you want.

Well, there is a 24-hour trial period available to anyone. For a day, you receive all features and tools available free of charge. You’re welcome to experiment with them and see whether everything has been made to your liking.

Supported devices

The deal extends to 5 devices. It means that you can add up to 5 computers, laptops, cell phones, or anything else that supports hidemy. name. Every supported type of hardware has its own application with all features included. The list includes devices run on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

If some device isn’t directly supported, you can have your router connection be VPN-encrypted, then connect your game console or even a smart fridge to it. This way, they also will be safeguarded.

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