Wondering why your college or university needs a Virtual Tour Provider? Here are 7 reasons

Virtual tour has been a buzzword in the digital marketing space for a while now. By now you must have heard of these 360-degree tours and how can give prospective students a realistic and immersive experience of your college or university. If students cannot explore your campus physically due to constraints like time, money and of course the pandemic, a college or university virtual tour can be a solution. Your visitors can check everything you have to offer from the comfort of their home or on the go. However, crafting an awesome tour that grabs eyeballs is not easy. Which is why you need a professional virtual tour provider. 

Not sure if they will be worth it? These 7 reasons will help you decide.  

  • They understand your goals 


Like any other marketing tool, a virtual tour has a certain objective. You might want to drive more traffic to your site, increase the engagement rate, encourage more students to submit requests for more information, sign up for newsletters or simply get more students to apply. A professional virtual tour provider will ask you about your goals and make sure that the tour aligns with those goals. They will come up with powerful calls to action (usually in the form of icons or buttons) so that viewers can click on them and take the next step. 


  • They understand the process


The best part about hiring a reputed virtual tour provider like Mass Interact is that they know exactly how to put together a compelling tour and tell a story. They know what kind of lighting, angles and color composition will create the best panoramic images which can be “stitched” together later to create the tour. They can prepare you to stage areas in order to make them more appealing. University or college virtual tour agencies are good at the order in which you want to cover the different aspects of your campus. 


  • They’ve made the process simple!


A college or university virtual tour provider essentially takes the worry of creating an amazing tour away and lets you focus better on other tasks, especially during the enrollment season! Creating a plan help ensure deadlines are hit in a timely manner! After a kick-off call you will have a little homework to do from there professionals will take care of the rest. What’s more, they will share analytics reports with you too, to show how your tour is doing based on the metrics you had in mind. 


  • They will have the right tools and software 


When you hire professional virtual tour provider, you don’t need to invest in any high-tech camera, lenses, props, or accessories. They will have everything necessary to produce the tour. They know how to use them for the most professional looking tour. So, if you thought that a smartphone or basic 360 camera is enough to shoot your campus virtual tour, think again! Professional tour creators will also an array of technology and software to edit the panoramic images and the create the final tour, just the way you want. They will know how to balance colors, exposure, and brightness for the perfect impact.   


  • You will get a tour that is easy to view, enjoy and share 


Any virtual tour provider worth their salt will make sure that your tour is easy to view across different devices. This will offer more flexibility to potential students, allowing them to explore the tour wherever and however they want. Hiring a company like Mass Interact, they will embed a virtual reality option in the tour for those viewers who have VR headsets and want a lifelike experience. This way, prospective students can enjoy your tour better and feel more driven to apply. Mass Interact also include social share buttons in the tours they create so that viewers can share your tour with just a couple of clicks. Imagine how quickly this can boost your online visibility and brand awareness! 


  • They will give you a competitive edge 


If you hire experienced professionals to design your campus virtual tour, they will be able to provide insight on what works and what doesn’t. Since they are experience and have designed tours for other colleges or universities, they will know how to make your institution stand out. Mass Interact can identify the highlights of your institution easily and showcase them in the best way. We can consult and help you decide on the script, the statistics you need to showcase, and how much text you should include so that it doesn’t overpower the visuals. 


  • Worth the investment


Unlike physical marketing methods, a university or college virtual tour is an affordable investment. You can hire professionals to create it one time use it on your website, social media pages, Google business listing and even marketing emails. With Mass Interact you can rest assured that you will get the best results at the best price and in the shortest time possible. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give your college or university the digital boost it needs with the perfect virtual tour provider. And if you want your task of choosing the right professionals to be easy, just check out the Mass Interact

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