Vietnam’s New Green Dam?

Crossposted on OpenNet Initiative Blog Vietnam is continuing its steep fall down a slippery slope of Internet censorship and filtration and is raising more concerns over its new cyber-technology implementation. Internet censorship is nothing new to Vietnam, yet its policies have remained very much out of the public spotlight in other parts of the world.  […]

Google slowdowns and inaccessibility in Turkey

In a recent development of the expanding internet censorship in Turkey, it appears today that filtration is starting to affect numerous Google services online. Today, a blog post by esteemed blogger and professor Dr. Yaman Akdeniz on his blog,, seems to support the other news reports that have trickled concerning this chain of events. […]

Rise in Herdict reporting of YouTube in China

After digging through some data over here at Herdict, we’ve come to an interesting question that we’d love your help with. Between April 6th and May 22nd of this year, we had a massive amount of reporting of accessibility and inaccessibility for in China. Since YouTube has been blocked by the “Great Firewall” for some […]

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