Google Fully Blocked in China?

There are unconfirmed reports from Google if censorship has occurred, but it seems as if Google services were rendered inaccessible today in mainland China.

Following the recent controversial showdown between the Chinese government and Google that ended with China renewing Google’s operating license, the possibility of this type of possible retaliation from China caught many off guard. Again, Google has not confirmed if this is merely a technical issues or censorship by the Chinese government, but it has all parties on edge to see what will evolve from the current situation.

Google Mainland China Service Availability

If you are in China and can report on the accessibility of any Google services, please use our reporter or tweet us @herdictreport with “china” “” and either “up” or “down”.

About the Author: Alex Fayette

Alex is a Junior at Yale University who is currently an intern with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society @ Harvard Law School. His focus this summer is with and also with other Berkman projects falling under the Freedom of Expression umbrella. He is majoring in Economics and Physics, and loves singing and aviation on the side.

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