Help us see if this US site was really blocked by the US government!

Just in from TorrentFreak. It appears as if the US has shut down a server that hosted around 73,000 blogs due to copyright concerns. The site,, has a message up saying that they are “trying to resolve the situation” even thought it seems likely that the U.S. may not be thrilled with that happening. […]

New Legislation With Hidden Consequences

crossposted on In U.S. Bill HR 4899 (Full Text Here), there are supplemental appropriations of around $80 Billion towards the troops in Afghanistan, Haiti relief, the Gulf oil spill, employment issues with the recession, and snuck in at the very end, a porn filter clause. In Chapter 6 Section 4601(a), the clause reads as […]

Update: Australia

Just as Internet filtration proponents in Australia felt comforted as the the new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, put her support behind Stephen Conroy’s proposed filtration plan, Internet freedom activists have taken temporary and cautious breath of relief as some of the plans have unraveled…….a little. The government recently decided to delay the proposed ISP content […]

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