New Herdict Features: The Interactive Map

This week, we’re spotlighting some of the new features of Herdict 2.0. Each day, expect an exploration of our new visualization tools, combined with interesting data.

Today, we’ll look at the interactive map. This is the default map – showing all time, countries and URLs.

Here, we can see the density of reports- with most of them coming from China, the US and Germany. The circle sizes indicate the number of reports from each country.

This is great for seeing all the reports over time, but what if we want to look at the accessibility of a specific site?
Using the filter bar, we select “” from the All URLS drop-down list.  (You can also type in the name of the site you’re looking for in that same drop-down.)   Here’s the map of accessibility for We can see that the number of inaccessible reports for Canada and the United States has gone down significantly, but there are more in China and Southeast Asia. Also, at the bottom of the map, we’re displaying the Top Reported Pages from within the domain.

As we zoom in, we can see that the bulk of reports in Southeast Asia are coming from Vietnam.  Clicking on the circles over Vietnam reveals the number of inaccessible and accessible reports.

Panning over, we can also see that many countries in the Middle East have also reported Facebook inaccessible.

So those are some of the new features of the interactive map, which allows for a better view of accessibility worldwide. Tomorrow, we’ll be featuring the time graph – a great tool for viewing changes in site accessibility over time.

About the Author: Kendra Albert

Kendra Albert is an instructional fellow at the Cyberlaw Clinic.

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