New Herdict Features: In-Depth Sheets

This week, we’re spotlighting some of the new features of Herdict 2.0. Each day, expect an exploration of our new visualization tools, combined with interesting data.Today, as our last installment, we’re focusing on the in-depth sheet, which is a way to view a lot of Herdict data in one convenient package. We’ll cover each part of the sheet, and then cover some of the unique information that comes up as you play around with the drop down menus.

First, we have the quick stats, top reported countries and reports by category modules. Thes show the total number of reports, the top countries, and how often each category of site is reported.  

Then, we have the mini-time graph module, the mini-raw data feed module and the information about the types of locations reports are coming from.

Finally, you can see the top reported sites around the world for each category, and recent comments.
When you switch to a URL via the third drop-down menu in the filter bar, the statistics switch to just those reports, and an inaccessibility map comes up. Here’s the inaccessibility map for

When you switch to a country using the second drop down menu, you can see reports by category and comments for just that country. Here’s Germany.

And finally, narrowing by time using the first drop down will show data specific to that time period. Here’s the mini-time graph for the last 30 days.

So that’s the In-Depth Sheets. A dashboard for viewing Herdict data, at your fingertips here.

About the Author: Kendra Albert

Kendra Albert is an instructional fellow at the Cyberlaw Clinic.

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