Iran Clamps Down on Internet Freedom

As March’s parliamentary elections grow closer, Iran is ramping up its Internet controls. Last week, the Iranian government issued an order giving cybercafes 15 days to install cameras and security monitoring equipment as well as implement policies requiring personal identification of their patrons. Customers at cybercafes will now be asked to provide personal information such […]

Hello Herd! Just a reminder that this is the final week to apply for Local Outreach Coordinator positions with Herdict. We are looking for motivated netizens in China, Turkey, Egypt, and Thailand to contribute just a little bit of time, but help us in a really big way.  Volunteers will help Herdict promote online freedom […]

Surge in Herdict Reporting from Vietnam

Herd: Help us solve a mystery! As a crowdsourced project, we like when we get reports about websites that are up or down.  And we love when we get a lot of reports!  But we also keep a weather eye out for unusual reporting patterns that might indicate spam or an effort to skew our […]

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