Huge Internet response to ‘Declaration of Internet Freedom’

Slate writes about the newly drafted Declaration of Internet Freedom.  The blog entry explains the need for Internet freedom–not as an issue of left vs. right, but as something that matters “to everyone who cares about the health and future of democracy.”  They link to an official declaration, which was posted on reddit, Techdirt, Cheezburger, and Github (as well as the declaration’s own website where people can sign it).

The proclamation reads:

Since its posting the internet has been aflutter proliferating and reacting to the message.  This includes a viral tweet from Amnesty International (@amnesty) saying, “We’re proud to join 100+ groups today in signing the Declaration of Internet Freedom.”  Along with organizations like Amnesty International, supporters of the Declaration include Herdict founder and Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain.

About the Author: Cale Guthrie Weissman

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