Chinese Censorship Aimed at Preventing Collective Action

Back in 2009 when President Obama paid his first visit to China, the President came out and stated that he was a “big supporter of non-censorship,” claiming that criticism helped him to better serve the needs of the American people. “The more freely information flows, the stronger society becomes as citizens can hold their governments […]

National Science Foundation Blocks Global Voices Advocacy

Last Wednesday, Berkman Senior Researcher Ethan Zuckerman reported that the National Science Foundation’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., had blocked the Global Voices Advocacy website. A friend of Zuckerman’s reported that he could not access an article published on GVA using a NSF computer. When GVA inquired NSF’s commercial filtering provider Blue Coat about the reason, […]

Internet Filtering in the Jasmine Revolution

As protests and unrest continue to destabilize the Middle East and North Africa, the effects of these popular revolutions have predictably affected Internet access in these countries. Below is a list of recent filtering measures implemented by governments who continue to face opposition from their citizens. Internet traffic from Libya has been following a curfew […]

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