Former Iranian President’s Website Blocked in Iran

The Telegraph UK reported a few weeks ago that Iran’s government has recently blocked Iranian ex-President Mohammad Khatami’s website, Led by current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the administration banned access to Khatami’s posts, in which he expresses his opposition to Admadinejad. A website affiliated with the main opposition group led by Mir Hossein Mousavi confirmed […]

Department of Defense Blocks Iraq Troops’ Access to Pro-LGBT Website

Last Saturday, The Hill reported that the Department of Defense was actively blocking access to the Courage Campaign website from troops currently stationed in Iraqi. According to reports, a soldier in Iraq informed the organization of the ban. The online-based grassroots organizes that boast 700,000 current members recently wrote to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates […]

Iran Blocks Ars Technica

The popular news and tech site Ars Technica recently discovered that their Iranian readers can no longer access their site. After publishing a story on the Stuxnet worm that infiltrated Iranian power plant systems, AT found that their traffic from Iran dropped to zero the day immediately following their Stuxnet post. Recent Herdict data validates […]

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