Dutch ISP has no obligation to block access to the Pirate Bay

In May, I wrote that Dutch Entertainment Industry Trade Association (BREIN) wanted a Dutch ISP to block access to the Pirate Bay. In order to have general access to the Pirate Bay website blocked, BREIN filed suit against the largest Dutch ISP: Ziggo. Today the Court of First Instance ruled in favor of the Dutch ISP. […]

Possible blocking of WordPress blogs in Iran

In a recent blog post from webblognews.ir, and Iranian blog, there has been a report of filtration in Iran blocking all of WordPress yesterday, Sunday the 13th. The blog expected the blockage to be a mistake and was expecting a statement as to the error or a resolution of the blocking, but, alas, no new […]

Pakistan Lifts Facebook Ban; Bangladesh Cracks Down

As Pakistan lifted a two-week long ban on Facebook Monday, Bangladesh began blocking the site.

Both bans followed the creation of a Facebook group promoting “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” an event that encourages participants to submit artistic representations of the prophet Mohammed — something many Muslims consider to be idolatry — as an exercise in free speech.

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