Cuba unable to access Google analytics

Cuba is crying foul over Google’s refusal to allow access to its analytics website.  According to Google, it is basing its block on a provision in its terms of service, which prohibit exporting its products and services to any “embargoed countries or individuals.”  AFP quotes Google as saying, “As a US company, we comply with […]

Google’s Transparency Report Shows Rise in Takedown Requests

The latest dataset from Google’s transparency report shows a dramatic rise in the number of takedown requests from governments, including democratic governments not typically associated with censorship. Content removal requests are made on a variety of grounds from allegations of defamation to violation of local hate speech laws, though Google notes on its blog that […]

Google begins warning users about state-sponsored intrusion

Google has announced, via their security blog, that they will now alert Gmail users if the company believes that a state-sanctioned cyber attack is being directed against them.  Google explains that they believe it is their duty “to be proactive in notifying users about attacks or potential attacks so that they can take action to […]

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