Herdict Attends First EU Hackathon in Brussels

Herdict Technical Director Mike King and I attended the first (annual?) EU Hackathon held last week in Brussels, Belgium.  This event, sponsored by Google and Skype, was an opportunity to educate members of European Parliament about Internet censorship, filtering, and the need for transparency.  It was also an opportunity for 54 programmers to demonstrate the […]

Was Google+ Blocked in China? Maybe Not. Is Google+ Blocked in China? Maybe.

Google+ is only a couple of days old, but its accessibility is already a hot media topic. After the beta release on June 29th, news began circulating around Twitter that the site was already blocked. Ren Media, a Chinese marketing firm, was the first to report on the outage, citing local reports and a monitoring […]

Google Visualizes Free Flow of Information with New Tool

Today, Google introduced a new tool that tries to visualize what Google calls ‘disruptions in the free flow of information’. Their new Traffic Transparency Report Tool provides information about traffic to its services around the world. The tool gives insight into the availability of Google services per country. For instance, the graph shows that there has been very little traffic […]

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