Iran Blocks Ars Technica

The popular news and tech site Ars Technica recently discovered that their Iranian readers can no longer access their site. After publishing a story on the Stuxnet worm that infiltrated Iranian power plant systems, AT found that their traffic from Iran dropped to zero the day immediately following their Stuxnet post. Recent Herdict data validates […]

Possible blocking of WordPress blogs in Iran

In a recent blog post from, and Iranian blog, there has been a report of filtration in Iran blocking all of WordPress yesterday, Sunday the 13th. The blog expected the blockage to be a mistake and was expecting a statement as to the error or a resolution of the blocking, but, alas, no new […]

Promote Herdict: Be a Country Leader!

Want to help us spread the word about Herdict?  We’re looking for a few good volunteers to become country leaders, especially for the following locales: Syria, China, Iran, Australia, Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam, Burma, Tunisia, UAE. Being a Herdict Country Leader requires an interest in Internet filtering (censorship), experience using social media, and a desire to […]

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