Not just the what, but the why

We’ve seen several cases of unintentionally broad blocking.  In an attempt to block a particular blog, all of wordpress gets blocked. Or, youtube gets blocked as a result of a particular video.  The OpenNet Initiative is reporting on another case of blocking that just might be another one of these cases, or it could be […]

Herdict Reports Show Twitter Blocked in China

A flurry of reports from China has reached Herdict in the past 24 hours, noting that popular microblogging site Twitter has been blocked across the country. Rebekah from The OpenNet Initiative (ONI) reported on the phenomenon this morning, explaining: In preparation for the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on Thursday, China has blocked […]

Herdict Takes Off in Saudi Arabia!

Since the launch of Herdict Arabic last week, the Herdict team has been excited to see Saudi Arabia trot to the front of the herd (with 1,854 reports in the past seven days, 914 of which are inaccessible). Although the inaccessibility reports indicate trends in filtering (see ONI’s report on Saudi Arabia here), such reports […]

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