Russian government latest to propose state-sponsored social network

The Russian government plans to launch a Facebook-esque social network on which users can use their personal accounts to upload content and create groups.  While this decision would make Russia one of a number of countries launching state-sponsored social media platforms, it remains unclear whether such a site could rival widely available popular alternatives in […]

Russian-language Wikipedia goes dark to protest Internet blacklist law

The Russian-language version of Wikipedia will be dark for 24 hours to protest a proposed law that would allow a government agency to blacklist websites containing pornography, drug advertisements or extremist ideas. The Duma, Russia’s parliament, is slated to review the controversial amendments to the country’s “Law on Information” for the second of three readings […]

DDoS attacks disable independent news sites during Russian protests

On Tuesday, at the same time that thousands of Russians marched through Moscow to protest President Vladimir Putin, the websites of three independent Russian news organizations suffered distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, rendering them temporarily inaccessible during the height of the protests.  The coordination of such attacks with organized mass protests or elections has […]

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