Google’s Transparency Report Shows Rise in Takedown Requests

The latest dataset from Google’s transparency report shows a dramatic rise in the number of takedown requests from governments, including democratic governments not typically associated with censorship. Content removal requests are made on a variety of grounds from allegations of defamation to violation of local hate speech laws, though Google notes on its blog that […]

Russian court blocks YouTube and other sites

In a recent update from Global Voices writer Gregory Asmolov and an article[RUS] from CNews, it appears that there has been a regional court ordered blockage of YouTube in a far eastern segment of Russia. In total, a Prosecutor for the city of Komsomolsk-na-Amure sought 5 websites to be blocked by court order on the […]

Hackers retaliate as Turkey’s censorship tightens

Drama is continuing to unfold in Turkey. After website access outages and slowdowns on June 3rd for a variety of Google web services, the Ankara Public Prosecutor requested government IP blocking yesterday to be placed on 44 IP addresses associated with further YouTube and Google services. The Turkish court granted the IP blocks, and the […]

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