Hello, cool world!

Due to some administrative quirks of our previous blog, we have started this newly renovated blog for your enjoyment.

Please update your RSS feeds and bookmarks, and check back often!

Our old blog is still available here.  Use the “categories” links below each post to find more related posts.

Read all about our visiting directors audio recordings here and here.

Here and here you will find information about the Hollis Frampton Collection at the HFA.

Some posts about the Doc Burr Collection are available here (regarding the collection in general);  here we talk about ephemera in the Burr Collection; here and here we look at the film containers we found in this collection.

The Lothar and Eva Just Film Stills Collection gets a lot of attention.  View previous posts here, here (access), here (winter greetings),  here (Lederhosenfilm), and here (hand colored lobby cards).

Scroll through the old blog to find all the in-between and un-categorized posts!

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