The Second Life of Chris Marker

***update:  the video available on has been updated with highly improved audio, making for a much more enjoyable viewing experience***

In memoriam of Chris Marker, the great film essayist and multimedia artist who passed away in late July, we are posting a video documenting a special event that was part of the HFA’s May 2009 event, The Second Life of Chris Marker.  Chris Marker – in the form of his avatar – guided archive director Haden Guest and an eager audience through the popular internet portal Second Life.  The video captures and (we hope) memorializes this somewhat chaotic, sometimes silly,  and ultimately exciting event – crashed by flying and gyrating avatars within Second Life – and documents one of the self-described “publiphobic” artists’ few interviews.

The Second Life of Chris Marker – Harvard Film Archive (May 16, 2009)

An audio only version of the event is also available for streaming within our visiting director’s audio collection:

Harvard Film Archive Visiting Directors Audio Collection, 2009

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