Anne Charlotte Robertson – upcoming screenings


The HFA is pleased to announce some of Anne Charlotte Robertson‘s films will be screening at this year’s Views from the Avant-Garde series at the New York Film Festival.

Since receiving the collection last year, we have been working with smallgauge film lab Brodsky & Treadway to make digital masters of the super 8 originals.  Several of those new transfers premiered this past weekend at our cinemateque.

We’ll be presenting a program of shorts, as well as 8 reels of the FIVE YEAR DIARY at the Views.  Three of these reels (1,2, and 9) have not been screened for some time.

Scroll past image for ACR’s filmography.

(above) FIVE YEAR DIARY reel 1 (1981)

Anne Robertson Filmography, with short descriptions written by ACR

EXPERIMENT: (1976) 3 minutes. Black and white. Silent. Two selves face each other. mirroring motion, cross-fading, time-lapse sunlit wall.

PIXILLATION (1976) 3 minutes. Black and white. Silent.  Another experiment in doubling oneself, set against clouds, brick column, and wind.

SPIRIT OF ’76 (1976) 10 minutes. Color. Silent.  Self-portrait allegories to doll, porch, garden, smoke, fire, compost pile. cat, etc.

SUBWAYS (1976) 13 minutes. Black and white. Sound.  Lightshow in public transit tunnels, patterns and flashes, screeching and bells.

DAWN (1979) 13 minutes. Color. Silent.  Many days and dusks. palpable moving light time-lapsed in view of a city backlot.

SNOOZALARM (1979) 10 minutes. Color. Sound.  The day-sleeper. amid cats, snores and re-sets the alarm clock, through seasons.

SUICIDE (1979) 10 minutes. Color. Sound.  Desperate artshock self-therapy, fantasies mixed with diary, saving life and mind.   [This film is unavailable until 2023.]

HOMEBIRTH (1980) 10 minutes. Color. Silent.  Documenting a swift painless midwife-assisted birth of second daughter to yogic family.   [This film is unavailable for screenings.  Not in HFA collection]

LOCOMOTION (1981) 7 minutes. Color. Sound.  Overdose, breakdown, and rage at system in a stylized mental hospital isolation room.

OUT A WINDOW (1981) 3 minutes. Color. Sound.   Self-portrait; stark loneliness of winter rooftop architectural details; crowd sounds.

GOING TO WORK (1981) 7 minutes. Color. Sound.  Daily morning trudge and trolley through snow and ice.

LONELY STREETS (1981) 10 minutes. Color. Sound.  A long walk through poor neighborhoods, loneliness

FIVE YEAR DIARY (1981 -1997)  36+ hours. Color.  Autobiography, storytelling, images, experimental

MAGAZINE MOUTH (1983) 10 minutes. Color. Sound.  Folly of American consumer bingeing, animated with photos/ads and patriotic band music.

DEPRESSION FOCUS PLEASE (1984) 3 minutes. Color. Sound.  Intended as a longer film, this proved sufficient to vignette the nuances of my sadness.

TALKING TO MYSELF  #1 (1985)  3 minutes. Color and Black and white. Sound.  Double-exposed, self faces self, wrangling. complaining, trying to hear oneself think.

KAFKA KAMERA (1985) 3 minutes. Color. Sound.  Filmmaker’s paranoia: one day the camera wakes you up, and pursues relentlessly all day.

FRUIT (1985) 8 minutes. Color. Silent.  Fantastical comparisons of myself to ripe fruits, as I lose weight eating them; nude.  [This film is unavailable until 2023.]

ROTTING PUMPKIN (1985).13 minutes. Color. Silent.  A white pumpkin painted with a lady’s face rots in time-lapse over several weeks.

ANNE ROBERTSON (1985) 4 minutes. Color and black and white. Silent.  A visual chronology, compilation of still photos by myself and others, introduces Diary.  [this is now part of FIVE YEAR DIARY Reel 1]

MY OBSESSION (1986)  16 minutes. Color. Sound and performance.  Crush on the BBC scifi hero Doctor Who, filmed off TV, with comic fan interaction.

THE NUDE (1987)  17 minutes. Color. Sound and performance.  Naked film dances, losing 40 pounds; live clothed self attempts to censor the image.   [This film is unavailable until 2023.]

WITH CLOTHES (1987) 17 minutes. Color. Sound and performance.  Film self tries on clothes while losing 40 pounds; live self in paper suit censors image.    [This film is unavailable until 2023.]

TALKING TO MYSELF #2 (1988)  17 minutes. Color. Sound and performance.  Naked film self sits and converses with naked live self, about health, weight, and image.  [This film is unavailable until 2023.]

WEIGHT (1988) 55 minutes. Color. Sound.  Walking and sitting in a repetitive pattern for three years, loss/gain of over 50 pounds.  [This film is unavailable until 2023.]

DIET (1988) 24 minutes. Color. Sound.  The eternal resolutions to go on a diet that never seems to happen; nude comedy.   [This film is unavailable until 2023.]

APOLOGIES (1990). 17 minutes. Color. Sound.   My therapy for excessive apologies, a constant sense of neurotic personal guilt explored.

MELON PATCHES (1998) 27 minutes, color and B&W, sound.  Gradually, life-affirming images of children, gardens, birds, replace depression.

ALIEN CORN (1998) 14 minutes, color, sound.  Dark visions are replaced by cheery scenes of children and adults as alien invaders.

ARTIST’S RESIDENCY (Digital Video) (2001) 61 minutes, color, sound.  Literally, an artist’s residency learning digital video in Buffalo, New York.

MY CAT, MY GARDEN, AND 9/11 (2001) 6 minutes, color, sound. My adored cat Zouina died a week before the tragedy; a week after, my garden died.