Acts of kindness go a long way in Islam. The very foundation of this religion falls into the idea of being selfless; they are believers of Allah (God in Arabic). Muslims have managed to combat the hatred and violence against them amidst an Islamophobic world. Today’s story highlights a simple act of kindness captured by a bus driver had given his shoes to a needy man before leaving the bus and heading home. He walked barefoot.

Muslim man walks bare after giving his shoes to a man without shoes (The Telegraph).

The image shown on the right was taken by the bus driver.

This Muslim man took off is socks and shoes and gave them to the man on the right. He hadn’t adequately covered his feet. The Muslim man said, “‘You can take these, don’t worry about me. I live close by and can walk'” (The Telegraph). He had made a small, charitable act that helped a life. Many Muslims around the world follow the notion that charitable acts should be done with the intentions of anonymity. Thus, this man had chosen to stay anonymous in his act of kindness.

In a world filled with constant hatred and disgust, this man offered a lending hand. The driver had previously noted that no one sat near this man. Everyone carried on with their day.

Yet, here a Muslim’s small act of kindness brightened this man’s hope in the world. Someone cared.