Muslims in Australia joined together to pray amidst the fire that took over. Dozens of Muslims joined in this prayer and even the Christian community joined to pray with them. They were coming together to pray for rain.

Australia was facing a forest fire that had killed millions of animals and plowed through land. This fire had not only killed animals, but people too— 24 people and 2,000 homes gone.

Muslims pray outside for rain in Australia (Bol News).

During this prayer, Mohamad Abdalla gave a sermon about the power and reliance on God. During this sermon, it began to rain. In fact, this rain had covered over five parts that were consumed by the fire.

In Sydney, another group of Muslims come to pray for rain. In addition to praying for rain, they fasted three days prior to the prayer. The Imam of this mosque, Youssef Nabha said, “‘We wanted in Al-Rahman mosque to perform this prayer in light of the draught and harsh conditions we currently live in'” (SBS News). In light of the reflection of Islam he also added, “‘We are trying to stand by people in this crisis and hardships, and reflecting the humane side of our religion and message'” (SBS News).

Together, many groups of Muslims gathered to pray for rain amidst the horrific fires that took over Australia in efforts to bring hope. As Islam teaches, we are here for each other because God is here for us. Therefore, love thy neighbor, and support each other.