Better than I am

October 28th, 2006

the stock market, the economy, a game.

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The UBS Portfolio Challenge has been oddly addictive. It isn’t the $50,0000 to do whatever you want that does it. There is no exhilaration having raked in a cool $1400 from an Aluminum mining company you foresaw would hit the roof when it starting drilling in Mongolia.

Somehow, there is a strange sense of contentment seeing predictions you work out after hours on research on the internet. It has also been an excellent  way to learn. To learn about what stocks mean, what an index is, how the economy plays itself out in the current state of affairs, what M&A’s and IPO’s mean. It takes one mistake to influence all your subsequent investments. One mistake to learn a whole new thing about this business. I started at the very bottom of the rankings, meekly sitting at 1945th place. As of yesterday, I had climbed to 91st. Not bad for a rookie. Not bad indeed.

This is a good learning experience. Ive learnt I should not play my money in the stock market game.


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