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C’mon this shouldn’t be that hard…

I just tried downloading and installing the SVG Viewer that is supported under OS X in the hopes that Safari might support it but no go. *sigh* C’mon Adobe update the viewer so it runs on other browsers for the Mac already.
I wasted more time fiddling with SVG to work than actually viewing the content I wanted to see. What a waste of time. I ended up viewing the JPEG version since it was:

  • 1/3 the space of the SVG File
  • Works under Safari
  • Who cares if I’m using a rasterized format that can’t scale to incredibly silly dimensions, I just want to look at the image already!!!

It seems that from the end user standpoint there is only one way to work with anything that comes out of the W3C. Wait at least 3-4 years before things actually start working rather than hearing tons of excuses on why it isn’t widely supported. I can think of another example where I watched from the sidelines for years and now it’s finally actually in widespread use.

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