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{ Monthly Archives } July 2003

The road to Macworld NY

Friday got a chance to see Macworld NY (or whatever they call it these days). Finding the Javitz Center was a trip in itself. However I really wasn’t prepared to see the inside of the Javitz Center…

View from the Harbor

Got a chance to take a boat ride today on the Charles going into Boston Harbor


Oh man… this is too funny… kudos to jwz for finding this one!

Where do you want the Matrix to go today?

For all of you matrix fans out there here is a nice spoof on the Matrix. Grabbed this link off of Adam Curry who got it off Orange dungarees.

Creating your own digital topo maps

I got this link off of BoingBoing which got this link from Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools Site (I need to check out this site more often). In this episode, Kevin describes digital tools available for hobbyist cartographers to create their own maps. I like the explanation on how to create your own maps that are […]

Dressing advice for a geek convention

Oh man this quote is just too funny: “But I think I should look nice for –“ “You’re going to a computer convention, dork. You’d be better off wearing your Trogdor shirt.”

Want Asian Movies?

Now here is a cool site with tons of information on Asian Cinema and even more useful. Links to places to buy those movies.

Dumbing Down?

A few days ago I watched T3 and started thinking about the situation where SkyNet basically highjacks all the interconnected computer systems on the planet then decides humanity isn’t worth keeping around. Now there’s a lot here that probably isn’t that feasible yet. At least in my understanding of how the world works currently however […]

Knock Knock

I was just thinking to myself if there were any other Harvard Extension School students even bothering to check out the weblogs here at Harvard. If you are one let me hear your voice! In fact if you have your own weblog where’s the link? If you’re a ALM in IT candidate/graduate/wannabe let me know […]