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“Not our Problem”

Wonderful. This link gives an explanation of why Disney doesn’t consider the overred tinting on the Japanese produced DVDs a problem. For folks who have no idea what I’m talking about. Check the archives at for more information on this. It should be under the March 2003 news. For those too lazy to do that you can look here.

Here’s a quick demonstration:
The Spirited Away NO Tint

The Spirited Away Red Tint

Just for disclosure, I own the Japanese DVD of Spirited Away and after rewatching it.. the red tint is really hard to not notice anymore. It’s just like those movie transition dots in the movies.
It sucks that Disney which is the handling the distribution of the DVD won’t allow some way for consumers to at least send in for a replacement DVD or heck… re-issue the DVD. But that would be admitting wrongdoing and admitting wrongdoing is bad because then that costs piles of money. *sigh*

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