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Debunking HavenCo

There’s a story from the Inquirer competely debunking the HavenCo project some geeks started running in an area known as Sealand which is some island hanging off of England. Some more background info on this can be found in this Wired article. After reading the Inquirer editorial I think I have to agree with the Inquirer. As cute as the idea as some data haven completely free of government to store any type of data one wants. I have to say the idea sounds utterly naive. Here’s the presentation on the ‘failing’ of HavenCo. Sheesh, write up some stupid presentation and get a free pass to a hackers conference… gee maybe I can get in with a topic like ‘Hacking the Transatlantic Telecommunications Line by Dolphin Radar’ or something.

Kudos to Hack the Planet on the Inquirer link.

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