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Telemarketers Rant

Telemarketers definitely annoy me. However, the one thing I find really annoying is when organizations that call looking for donations from people phrase their opening in such a way that they already assume you are going to donate for their cause. Huh? First off, I don’t even know what you’re pitching let alone WHY I should be donating to you.

I find that psychology utterly disgusting. I understand the mentality behind why you do it. Most people tend to be nice people and won’t say no to helping people most of the time. When I see an entity take advantage of this instinct the way that these organizations looking for donations do it just aggravates me. It’s like they’re pushing the limits on most people’s good natured side. And after constant barrage of this for years you wonder why people get so unfriendly to strangers after awhile….. *sigh*. So I want to thank all of you telemarketers for basically making it that much harder to be a nice person.

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