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{ Monthly Archives } August 2003

Debunking HavenCo

There’s a story from the Inquirer competely debunking the HavenCo project some geeks started running in an area known as Sealand which is some island hanging off of England. Some more background info on this can be found in this Wired article. After reading the Inquirer editorial I think I have to agree with the […]


I was browsing for some GIS tools as I’ve been wanton to do lately and stumbled across this one. This looks quite neat. And the featureset looks very robust:

Just found this site. Looks like an interesting start however at the moment the interface and most of it looks bare. Hopefully it will develop to something more in the future.

Some thoughts on Apple

JonBert posts some of his thoughts on what Apple could do to provide better customer service. Most of the ideas I don’t disagree with.. JonBert’s Blog

Are my trackbacks working?

I’ve been trying to use the URLs to ping feature on this weblog but it seems that I’m not actually URL pinging anyone. Is this thing even working? *sigh* I love technology sometimes.

GNU Servers have been 0wn3r3z3d

Got this story from here. Seems the GNU servers have been cracked by hackers since March…. ouch. I bet a code audit is now running to make sure nothing malicious has been inserted into the GNU code however that’s got to make you wonder since so many organizations use GNU tools. Good luck auditing it. […]

Whales Fart?

Yet another one from “JWZ”. Whales getting caught in the act. What did the scientists have to observe about whale flatulence? “It stinks.”

PhotoBlogs of the blackout

Got this one from BoingBoing. Seems some enterprising bloggers used their PhotoPhones and send pictures of the Northeast Blackout. Very interesting. I’d find it amusing it the cellular communications infrastructure went splat and all these bloggers all of a sudden found out ALL of their electronic communications methods were useless.

Outsourcing doesn’t mean Timezone problems go away

There’s a great article on the fact that oursourcing IT jobs to India (or wherever for that matter) won’t solve the basic problem of Timezone differences. This definitely makes sense. However… the ball has already been rolled to move quite a bit of IT work to India and it’ll take time for the management to […]

Power Outages Across the Northeast

Some friends of mine were asking me how I was handling the power blackouts however I responded with a convincing huh? Then they pointed me to this article. Here’s an excerpt from the MSNBC article:

Some resources to useful Jargon

There seems to always be things I don’t know. On a couple of random encounters I wanted to find some sources to mythological animals on the web. Another instance was where I needed to lookup some financial jargon which I never remember the full definitions too. Here’s some of those links in case you run […]

Python gotchas

Got this link from Ted Leung on Python Programming pitfalls. Looks like an interesting read and explains some of the more subtle behaviours of Python. The gotcha below I find really irksome: >>> t = ([],) >>> t[0] += [2, 3] Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 1, in ? TypeError: object doesn’t […]

Former Sega Chairman invests heavily in technology education

Here’s an excerpt from the link: Aiming to transform the ways children live, learn, and play in the digital age, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) today announced the establishment of the Okawa Center for Future Children. �The new center is made possible through a $27 million donation from Isao Okawa, Chairman of CSK Corp. […]

How to make your project over budget and miss deadlines

This link is a very sarcastic viewpoint on how to keep your job if you are a programmer. The humor is a little dry but sadly I bet something like this has happened before in real life under a much less humorous tone.

Greenspun laying the smack down on LISP

Philip Greenspun lays down the smack on LISP. LISP is great but understanding what the heck LISP holds talk about has been confusing for me, personally. Maybe one of these days I’ll hit LISP Zen but until then I will have to settle for reading and trying to understand. Kleanthes asked “What do they do […]