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Konnichiwa Yokohama

Well as I eluded to in a previous post about my radio silence. Time to spill the beans to all of you readers out there (all 2 of you I bet).

Packed up everything and hopped on board a plane towards Japan.

Right now I’m settling into the city of Yokohama.

So far my first week has been recovering from a cold. Talk about a major letdown for travelling so far around the world. “Hey Al, what did you do when you got to Japan.” “Sick in bed.” But I’m doing better now just need to make sure to take it easy. It’s kinda weird being here. I’ve spent many years dreaming of this moment and the moment has come upon me and due to some things that left behind that need to be finished my mind is halfway in the U.S. even though I’m fully here in Japan.
I guess that’s one of those more ‘complex’ things you need to deal with as an adult. In the story book I’d have closed a chapter of my life in Boston and started a brand new fresh slate here in Japan. Not exactly the case. I’m sure I’ll get more settled in.

If any Japan bloggers manage to find this somehow drop me a line! I guess I’m technically a blogger in the Japanese scene now.

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