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Don’t trust the phone company…

The phone people came today to install the phone lines. ADSL is in the works and I asked the guys about putting in a line into one of the other rooms where it would be MUCH more convenient to leave the ADSL modem when the ISP folks come however after a very long discussion (most of which I didn’t get and needed some translation help) about this they ended up confusing the hell out of me and everyone else involved about how hooking up a connector upstairs and downstairs would cause problems for either the telephone or the ADSL line.
In the U.S. I’m pretty sure I’d be taking the cluestick to the technician however being the clueless foreigner I shrugged my shoulders and thought “hmm maybe this is how it gets done here?”.
Needless to say I got hit by FUD and ended up wasting a trip by the phone technicians since they ended up not giving correct information and some confusion on my end of things.
I’m so glad that trying to interact with the phone company here is about as confusing as in the U.S. And just to add more insult the extra costs to have them come back JUST to activate the bottom jack will be 3 times today’s cost since today was the ‘firstcomer’s discount’. What a bunch of…

Moral of the story: Don’t trust the phone company

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