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{ Monthly Archives } September 2003

Konnichiwa Yokohama

Well as I eluded to in a previous post about my radio silence. Time to spill the beans to all of you readers out there (all 2 of you I bet). Packed up everything and hopped on board a plane towards Japan. Right now I’m settling into the city of Yokohama. So far my first […]

Sayonara Boston

Time to try something new. I really like the Boston area but the job market has been really difficult to find anything so that leaves less reason to stay and tough it out. So on to something new. But I’m sure some things will stay the same such as the ebb and flow of people […]

Beginning of the school year

It’s the beginning of the school year again. I caught a pic in Harvard Yard of some students moving in and about to begin (or continue) their journey onwards towards higher education and finding their way in this world.

Radio Silence for awhile

Sorry I’ve been sort of quiet for awhile. I’m sure all you readers (all 3 of you perhaps. Are there anymore of you out there?) must be dying (not) to see some more posts from me. I’ll post some more on WHY I’ve been so quiet when I get some time. I wish handling of […]

Ars on GNOME

ArsTechnica goes in depth on GNOME. I’m not a big fan of GNOME myself however it’s good to see a good technical overview on the whole GNOME system. Read more about it

You thought Survivor sucked?

This is just too strange. You have to read it to believe it (or even fathom it). link

What about Mac Viruses?

MacSlash had a link to an article at the Mac Observer which covered one person’s hunt to find information on Mac Viruses. After searching Network Associates and Virex’s Database using a simple search for the word ‘Macintosh’ and subtracted out all of the viruses that were Word or Excel based Macros (ah the joys of […]

New Hampster following Maine’s Laptop Lead

The Press Herald has a story on New Hampshire following Maine’s lead on a laptop program for school. Interesting perhaps but also sad in some ways that they need to give away basically expensive toys to get students interested in education. I agree that the public school systems in the U.S. need work. Yes, I […]

Woz Gives Thumbs Up to remake of Apple I

This type of stuff is really cool. The story is someone did a rebuild of the Apple I and tried contacting Apple about information if he could sell the replicas. They never responded. The person then went to Woz and asked Woz’s permission. Survey says: Thumbs Up! Way cool! I always thought Woz was the […]

GPS might help Indian trainwrecks?

The BBC has a story on Indian trains getting some technology upgrades to help fight train crashes. One of them is using GPS to help relay information on where the trains are as a preventative measure. Hopefully, this will work. There was mention of another tool which buzzes from inactivity to keep the driver awake. […]

ElastoLab Physics Engine open sourced

Just heard some rumblings about the ElastoLab Physics Engine being Open Sourced under the MIT license. I’ve not actually had time to sit down and work with the engine at all but it looks like a really neat way to help explore physics.

Some neat Perl tools

From decafbad (Hey I love the acronym. You can put that in hex (0XDE CA FB AD) here are some neat Perl utils: SVG Graph Tools cvs2rss

May I have my paycheck or I’ll be evicted, please?

I know that employers are REALLY REALLY picky about hiring people. But dragging their feet about paying their own employees? link

Public Domain Superhero

There’s an article describing a really neat approach to copyright for superhero figures. Basically the idea is put her in the Public Domain. If Copyright Law hadn’t been extended (yet again) Disney’s well known rodent known as Mickey actually would have been in the public domain allowing anyone to make derivative works. However, the latest […]

Free Photos to Web tools from MacMerc

MacMerc covers free tools that allow exporting of photos to the web. Lots of interesting tools that integrate with iPhoto. Click here to read more.