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“I switched from Linux because…”

James Duncan has a wonderful entry on Why I don’t run Linux anymore. I have to say I really understand what he’s talking about. Here’s a snippet:

But damn…. It’s one thing to be able to reach down into the guts of the system when you want to, it’s another to have to do this to get your system up and running. I used to do this kind of stuff all the time with Linux in the 90s and it’s one of the reasons why I just don’t subscribe to the “let’s build everything up by hand” school of system building anymore.

Sir, I feel and understand your pain. I’ve been through all of this too. I sometimes still like doing it but there’s a difference between HAVING to do it and having a CHOICE to do it. Mac OS X feels like making that balance. There are some parts that are closed but so much of it is open enough to looking around in case you do need to look at the nuts and bolts. But here’s the catch. You DON’T have to. That kicks butt! This allows one to focus on what you WANT to focus on rather than getting tripped on something that you HAVE to do just to even get to that point.

This is also the reason why Corporations and Businesses will stick with Redhat or some other distro that caters to their needs. Redhat provides enough of a layer if they buy the right equipment to work on what matters to them rather than having to worry about it. Of course, if they got Macs maybe that’d be better :-).

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