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Joel asks about DSL Telecom

Joel asks his forum users about whether getting Verizon for the full DSL bundle (line, ISP and etc) is better or choosing a seperate provider and what are the advantages.
The responses from the forum are quite insightful on how DSL works in general and how the local folks that own the line (in the Northeast of the U.S. it’smainly Verizon, in Japan it’s NTT) interact with the people that rent the lines to connect up to their ISP.
Most people even technically strong folk don’t know much about the network nuts and bolts so this is a good discussion that I’ve seen. For me it was a nice review of the whole DSL system since it’s not very well understood and the people who sell the services are more than happy to confuse the hell out of the end-users if it gives them some commerical advantage it seems.

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