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Japanese English Electronic Dictionaries Reviews

If you’re a student of Japanese at some point you’ve probably come across the need for a dictionary. In Japan, Electronic dictionaries are very very very popular. They’re small, light, have amazing battery life (none of this hours nonsense. Let’s talk about months!), and depending on the model have excellent dictionaries/thesaurus’ included in them. This is all in about the size of something a little bit bigger than a Palm Pilot and usually much more durable (I’ve dropped a few quite a few times and they keep going). And the prices aren’t too bad. The range from real cheap ($50) to hundreds of dollars. However, shopping for one can be really confusing if you’re at the store.
There is literally a whole isle full of these things (I’ll have a pic in the future) with the whole price range and far too little information on what the differences are (unless you can read Japanese and even then it’s not easy to find all the relevant information).
This site that I found has a really wonderful breakdown of what to look for in an Electronic dictionary. If chosen well it can be a really powerful tool for the Japanese learner. If chosen poorly it will be just another paperweight to add to your desk.

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