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The Hinternet

Interesting post that I found on the ‘hinternet’:

While I manage to fend off pop-up windows with Mozilla, and spam with Spamassassin, most people don’t know about those programs. They live in the “hinternet”, that shanty-town of X10 pop-ups and porn adware, and endless, endless Hotmail and Yahoo spam. They’re tourists in the world of the Net, and like any tourist, they rarely get a good guide.

Yep, I’ve seen plenty of lost people in the Internet. I try my best to help the people I come in direct contact with but frankly there’s only 1 of me versus x (which is a much larger number than me) to help. And for many of them the problems are barely even a real problem because they ARE tourists. Try telling a tourist to Japan about all the underlying problems in Japanese society and see the type of response you get from a tourist. (Actually substitute Japan for any country you are in)
I will bet you you’ll get a nod at best but most likely ‘wow that’s neat, where’s the fun stuff to do?’ This is a real hard problem and techies trying to find the ‘large scale solution’ will end up being disappointed in the long run in my opinion. Take a hint from Justen the Grey Wizard from the Recluce series by L.E. Modesitt. “I do what I can on the small.” Unless you wield lots of power and money and feel this is a problem you want to fight it’s probably the best you can do.

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