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{ Monthly Archives } November 2003

The Rube Goldberg Official Site

Now that’s cool! I need to explore this site more in depth

That’s one hot Graphic Card

Gotta love it. Want a hot graphics card? Try the Flame Buffer!

Akihabara’s Linux Cafe

When I was in Akihabara a month or so back I found The Linux Cafe. No I’m not joking! I bet if you google for it you might be able to find it. But here’s some pics showing proof:

The Flying Drive

I’ve seen USB flash drives in the U.S. and they’re okay. But in Japan you can get lots of cool designed ones. There is one for Gundam fans (picture pending), probably even for for Hello Kitty. However I found this one pretty neat:

Adding scriptable items in OS X Address Book

This is really neat and I didn’t even know about it. Kudos to Mac OS X Hints for publishing this one. Mac OS X Hints is a great place to find information on Mac OS X.

The Hinternet

Interesting post that I found on the ‘hinternet’: While I manage to fend off pop-up windows with Mozilla, and spam with Spamassassin, most people don’t know about those programs. They live in the “hinternet”, that shanty-town of X10 pop-ups and porn adware, and endless, endless Hotmail and Yahoo spam. They’re tourists in the world of […]

Copy Protection robs the Future

Dan Bricklin posts in a much more eloquent manner than I could on what is wrong with copy protection. The second excerpt in the quote below really drives the idea home. How are these works passed down through the generations? It usually isn’t the direct result of the efforts of the original creator. Other people […]

Walmart behind the scenes

Awhile back I posted about Can Wal-mart change Japanese retail. Seems BoingBoing found a story on Fast Company about how NOT dealing with Wal-mart in the U.S. is death for manufacturers. Here are some excerpts from the article: Wal-Mart wields its power for just one purpose: to bring the lowest possible prices to its customers. […]

Japanese English Electronic Dictionaries Reviews

If you’re a student of Japanese at some point you’ve probably come across the need for a dictionary. In Japan, Electronic dictionaries are very very very popular. They’re small, light, have amazing battery life (none of this hours nonsense. Let’s talk about months!), and depending on the model have excellent dictionaries/thesaurus’ included in them. This […]

Y2k Bug


Just read Clay Shirky’s pulverizing taking apart of the semantic web and how it relates to syllogisms.   My thoughts are… amen to that brother.   I’ve never been enthusiastic at the huge amount of energy being tossed at the Semantic Web.   The amount of input to get what I feel is little useful output is a […]

The Steve Jobs Blog

Find this one amusing :-). Thanks to Ranger Rick for the link. Besides being one of the fink guardians also has a neat weblog to read once in awhile (if you’re a geek…). p.s. I was fooled until I started flipping through it and reading the comments on Ranger Rick’s blog. Not everything is as […]

Systems can fail

Bruce Eckel has a wonderful weblog entry mixing in a personal experiences of dealing with failure in systems that people just assume ‘work’. Here’s an excerpt: Crested Buttians, perhaps because they are (also) primarily from somewhere else, assume that the systems will continue to work as they always have. You have to be in a […]

Phoby the wonder slide show app for OS X

Stumbled across this one reading the Squeak Japanese Mailing List and checking out YFB’s Blog What is it you ask? A slide show application that supports transparency and can always stay in front so you can have a transculent slide show going on while doing other stuff. Talk about an utterly gratuitous way to use […]

“I switched from Linux because…”

James Duncan has a wonderful entry on Why I don’t run Linux anymore. I have to say I really understand what he’s talking about. Here’s a snippet: But damn…. It’s one thing to be able to reach down into the guts of the system when you want to, it’s another to have to do this […]